About FME - Fraas Electrical & Mechanical

HL Fraas was founded by August Fraas in the 1870s. The Fraas family name is still visible on the undersides of tin roofs covering many local barns and houses. Building on the reputation of that original company, Fraas Plumbing and Heating continued serving area residents and businesses until the 1990s, when we merged with Elden Roth Electric to become HL Fraas Plumbing Heating & Electrical.

HL Fraas employs only craftsmen who are not only highly skilled and technically qualified, but who also are a pleasure to have in your business. Each technician is instilled with a sense of pride in the company and they act in a professional and polite manner. HL Fraas technicians we hire, are subjected to rigorous screening. The bottom line is that the only people who are hired are people that the owner would feel comfortable having in his own business.

HL Fraas is a licensed contractor and obtains all municipal and state permits as required. HL Fraas is insured for Workers Compensation and for liability insurance. Compliance with codes and adequate insurance is important to you for liability reasons.

HL Fraas puts an emphasis on annual preventive maintenance. The precision tune-up specialist who maintains your equipment will thoroughly check it for safety and operational efficiency, tune it up for maximum fuel efficiency, and inspect it for potential faults. This saves you money by reducing your fuel bill, by avoiding costly breakdowns, and by prolonging the life of your equipment. With HL Fraas, you have peace of mind knowing that you are not dealing with a ‘fly-by-night’ company that can leave you ‘hung out to dry’.

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